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Shadowbox Frame 5x7 Black
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on 5-10-2018.
Product Description
Shadowbox Frame 5x7 Black
What customers are saying
The box arrived promptly and in good condition.Unfortunately, it is completely useless to me, because my painting on wood, which is precisely 5\"x7 inch will not fit inside the box. This is because the white, plastic liner protrudes slightly into the box, making the inside dimensions smaller.Another thing about this box is that the back is held on by thin, metal tabs. You have to bend the tabs up to take off the back to get into the box. I strongly suspect that if you do this several times the tabs will start breaking, as they are very thin.Also, the gadget that allows you to hang the box is not yet attached. You have to do that. I'm not sure how easy that is going to be without breaking the box. There are no instructions. I'm not doing it yet, because my object does not fit in the box.On the other hand it's cheap and you can display things in it, so you might want to get it -- but I just feel they shouldn't advertise it as 5\"x7 inch when it's smaller than that.
Shadowbox Frame 5x7 Black